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[ Bad Data ] + Anything Awesome [ will always yield ] Bad Results

Data must be the heart and foundation of all organizational planning and operational efforts

Since 1981, I have been helping people and organizations around the world with data and data leadership challenges.  I have shared my accumulated knowledge far & wide and provided opportunity for others to do so also.  [ Uttering my name three times generally causes me to appear virtually or in person ].  Some modest contributions in the form of data management resources collection exist at this site but of more use is our community of collaborators.   Join us for monthly DataEd webinars.  Anything Awesome's purpose is to connect your organization with needed data resources.

These have ranged from student/class research projects at Virginia Commonwealth University ( where I am tenured ) to sponsored research.  I have participated in ten, multi-year immersions with organizations ranging from Walmart to Deutsche Bank to Wells Fargo to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nokia to the US Army–in the process literally saving organizations a total of more than $1.5 billion (USD)!    

Anything Awesome is partially owned by VCU and exists to help organizations connect with resources that can assist them with their data challenges.  Please do continue to bring me your data challenges of all shapes and sizes and I will connect you with capabilities that can help.  Book an office 1/2 hour or just pick up the phone.   If this seems vague, it is intentional because there are literally so many options. This is the best way to keep attention focused on the fuel that awesome things consume–your data!  Because it is always true that ... 

bad data + anything awesome = bad results
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