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Building Corporate Portals with XML

by reviewer Alan Perkins:

This book is an excellent single reference and "how to" for Enterprise Engineering, Data Warehousing, Corporate (Enterprise) Portal Deployment, Metadata Management, and Business Reengineering. In addition it provides an overview of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and describes the uses and value of XML in support of these methods and practices.

I have never read a more thorough description of the activities necessary for an enterprise to deliver the right information, regardless of source or format, to the right people, in the right form, and on demand. That alone justifies buying and using this book as my professional "Bible." The authors have also included practical advice and procedures for fully using the power of the Internet, intranets, and extranets to not only deliver quality information, but also transform enterprises to ensure their success in the 21st Century. As if that weren't enough, this book is a virtual "treasure map" that can guide visionary individuals and enterprises through the perpetual dangers of rapidly changing environments to the reward of information systems that fully support enterprise goals and strategies.

For over ten years, I have been a successful practitioner of many of the methods and techniques described by the authors, and I found the book to contain well-written, comprehensive descriptions of those methods. I also found many more techniques and practices that are both new and inspired, which will be of great value in my consulting practice.

I highly recommend this book to any information technology professional, regardless of experience. It should become your most valued reference. I also recommend that business analysts, management consultants, and enterprise managers acquire this book. Even though you may not be charged with "building enterprise portals," applying the concepts and methods contained in this book will make your jobs easier and may even be the key to your success.

Slaying the Legacy Dragon

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