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The Case for the Chief Data Officer

This book is likely not written for you to read - it is for you to give to your boss' boss to read.  Data are an organization's sole, non-depletable, non-degrading, durable asset. Engineered right, data's value increases over time because the added dimensions of time, geography, and precision. To achieve data's full organizational value, there must be dedicated individual to leverage data as assets - a Chief Data Officer or CDO who's three job pillars are:

•  Dedication solely to leveraging data assets,
•  Unconstrained by an IT project mindset, and
•  Reports directly to the business

Once these three pillars are set into place, organizations can leverage their data assets. Data possesses properties worthy of additional investment. Many existing CDOs are fatally crippled, however, because they lack one or more of these three pillars. Often organizations have some or all pillars already in place but are not operating in a coordinated manner.

The overall objective of this book is to present these pillars in an understandable way, why each is necessary (but insufficient), and what do to about it.

•  Uncovers that almost all organizations need
     sophisticated, comprehensive data management
     education and strategies.
•   Delivery of organization-wide data success
     requires a highly focused Chief Data Officer.
•  Engineers organization-wide data advantage which
    enables success in the marketplace
•  Chinese and Portuguese versions available

Recasting the C-Suite to Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset

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