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XML in Data Management

XML in Data Management is for IT managers and technical staff involved in the creation, administration, or maintenance of a data management infrastructure that includes XML. For most IT staff, XML is either just a buzzword that is ignored or a silver bullet to be used in every nook and cranny of their organization. The truth is in between the two. This book provides the guidance necessary for data managers to make measured decisions about XML within their organizations. Readers will understand the uses of XML, its component architecture, its strategic implications, and how these apply to data management.

•  Takes a data-centric view of XML

•  Explains how, when, and why to apply XML to data
    management systems

•  Covers XML component architecture, data engineering,
    frameworks, metadata, legacy systems, and more

•  Discusses the various strengths and weaknesses of XML
    technologies in the context of organizational data
    management and integration

Understanding and Applying them together

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